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When it comes to jewellery, we have the style and cut that's perfect for you

Formerly of Bournemouth, Portique was established in 1971 by the late Mr R.E Porter.

The family connection begins right at the start with the founder, who was great uncle to current owner, Neil.

Between 1975-1980 Neil worked for his uncle in the Post Office Road shop, gaining experience and really consolidating his passion for the jewellery and silver trade. From there, he went on to work for other Jewellers, expanding his knowledge and understanding, whilst gaining more invaluable experience which would set him up well for the future of the family business.

On the 31st October 1997, Neil & Elizabeth Harkness took ownership of the business. After many years working in the NHS, Elizabeth took a complete career change to support Neil in this new venture – The very essence of ‘family business’ took on a whole new meaning; from a business originally founded by a relation, to the balancing act of a new business and family life.

Over the coming years, the three Harkness girls all had involvement of some sort in the business – from serving on the shop floor, to pearl rethreading to office work. A true family affair!

Before getting married and moving out of area, Mary completed her JET 1&2 (Jewellery Education Training – through the National Association of Goldsmiths) and received her professional Jewellers diploma in 2009. Naomi took over our Pearl rethreading when our previous rethreader retired, and has done work through the shop for customers and also within the trade too. Ruth has been involved on the shop floor as well as admin work, in between various stages of education.

Six years later, the proposed redevelopment of the Criterion Arcade, where Portique was situated, meant that a move was inevitable. The decision was made to bring Portique to Wimborne, and in December 2003 we opened the doors to trade – Customers old and new alike showed great encouragement and support during this time. A new chapter was about to begin.

Our time in Wimborne has seen some significant milestones.

Neil has celebrated 46 years in the trade and together we have owned Portique for 22 years. Changes also amongst staff – This year marks Helens sixth year as part of the Portique family, and we also have Sarah who joined us more recently – invaluable members of the team who we are so privileged to have on board.

Sixteen years since the move, we are confident that we made the right decision and are very much at home in Wimborne.

The many changes and stages of development of Portique has brought us to where we are now, and the focus and emphasis as ever is the high standards of customer care, knowledge and personal service. Fine quality new and second hand jewellery, watches and silverware and a vast range of services.

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